corn + tunes + waterskiing + beer + more corn

Sit back, chill and hang out a while. 

Friday, Aug 16 + Saturday, AUG. 17

Lance Park in Twin Lakes, WI


CORN for dayzzzz.

Your $6 entry into TL CornFest gives you the glorious all-you-can-eat corn wristband. That’s right…as much corn as your heart desires. And, you can fix it up with a wide variety of toppings or go OG with some sweet butter ‘n salt. Lookin' for something else to indulge in? There will also be hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, nachos, snacks, beverages (water, gatorade, soda) and more. 


Both nights will close out with live music (bands TBA). Teeing them up is DJ Mike Mantas, who’s tunes are a wild mix of funky fresh 80’s beats and early 90’s flare that keep you dancing like no one’s watching. 


Lisa Neal - Jordan & Ethan Shulda doing double back gainers.jpg

ALL DAY ACTION on the water.

Action on the water … ALL … DAY… LONG with SIX different watersports competitions that put a fun twist on traditional waterskiing contests by harnessing the moments that put us on the water in the first place. For example, taking a barefoot run in nothing but your jean shorts because you forgot your wetsuit at home, but wanted to ski so badly. The contests include: 

  • Feet on Fire North (head-to-head barefoot endurance)

  • Trick Ski Showdown (classic trick-skiing with a new school twist)

  • Freestyle Jump Royale (two-man team jump)

  • Ramp Master Superstar LD Jump (one-off, CornFest-style long distance jump)

  • Legends of Wake (progressive mix of new + old school style

  • Swivel Showcase (superheat of the top swivelers)

Also, we're switchin' things up -- there will not be traditional scoring for trick, jump and swivel.